Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday Specials

From now until December 15th, the session fee for a single session will be only $50. For studio or location sessions. In addition, if you order a print package you will receive an extra set of 8-wallets. Also, if you become a Facebook fan (or you are one already) you will receive an additional set of 8-wallets. Make your appointment soon so that you have the time to order beautiful Holiday cards to send out to your family and friends! Check out the beautiful designs available Holiday Designs I and Holiday Designs II.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Painted Lady

Last month I attended the Kiwanis Butterfly Festival in Southlake, TX. While I was there they were selling Painted Lady caterpillars to benefit their charity so I purchased 2 to raise. Yesterday one of the butterflies emerged from his chrysalis, I'm still waiting on the second one but it should be later today or tomorrow. This morning I released the one that was ready to go. Once I walked outside he really started fluttering, he was ready to go. I opened the lid and at first he timidly started to emerge. Then he flew straight up to the bush that was there, I tried to get him to go onto my Texas Lilac but I wasn't successful. I was able to get 2 quick shots of him before he flew away. According to the butterfly farm that the caterpillars came from 98 out of 100 caterpillars in nature never reach the butterfly stage, so hopefully it was helpful to raise these two. I'm hoping that I can get better shots of the next one. They are just too eager to fly and don't want to hang around to be photographed.